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HR Answerbox

Contact: Amanda Haddaway
Work Phone: 2403949439 Website: HR Answerbox
Photo of HR Answerbox

Biographical Info

You’re busy running your business.

Really busy.

You have deadlines and customer demands that consume all your available time and as your business grows, your employee challenges seem to be multiplying. Now there are problems with hiring, plus performance issues.

You’re not sure how to retain employees or even keep them happy, much less develop a fully-engaged and productive workforce.

It feels like you’re putting out fires, rather than being intentional and focused on employee management.

You know you need to develop and train your employees, but you’re not sure where to start.

We’re HR experts and we can help.

We work with small business owners and managers on creating compliant human resources functions, solving day-to-day employee problems and providing interactive training solutions.

Categories: Consulting