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Jenn Williams

Founder/CEO Video Digital Solution
Work Phone: 800-624-9744 Website: More Online Exposure Now
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Do you know how important it is for your business to be on the first page
of Google? Being listed on page 1 is like having your commercial shown
during the Superbowl…everyone is looking at you.

Now imagine that you have thousand of potential customers searching for your product and service
but your buried on Page 10 of the search. Studies have shown that most
buyers don’t go past the 2nd page of Google. Where is your business located
in a Google search for your keyword term?

Contact us and let us know you want a video ranked in Google. We will agree
on the keyword that will be used to rank the video and in 72 hours you will
have targeted traffic from people who are searching for your product or
service. Once the video is ranked then and only then will you be directed
for payment. This in itself is a guaranteed that our service is one of the
best in the business of video marketing.

We can be contacted anytime via email and we also hold Skype consultations on Tuesday
and Thursday from 10am-12pm (15 minutes increments). If you need a Skype consultation
please email us with a date and time you would like to speak with a representative. We look
forward to talking with you and increasing your revenue for your business

Categories: Computer Sevices, Consulting, Marketing