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Ms Pamela Grace Sharpe

CEO/Chief Impostor Eradicator Pamela Sharpe Coaching & Consulting
Work P. O. Box 879 Fairfax Lorton VA 22199 United States Work Phone: 571.969.3643 Blog: Pamela Sharpe Coaching & Consulting
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Biographical Info

I am Pamela. I am a transformational speaker, Business & Life Coach, specializing in helping you find your inner strength and confidence to be the best you can be.

I am an executive coach, who help teams develop innovative learning solutions. I work with corporate, government and institutional teams to come up with performance -based engaging training solutions that keep learners engaged and meet mission objectives. I create scenarios, games and content that are mapped to course objectives. As an executive/leadership coach, I work with teams to develop the best solutions for the problem.

My executive coaching team develops mandatory training, leadership training, compliance training, soft skills training, technical training, web-based training, instructor-led training, surveys, process maps, quick reference guides and other materials that ensure success, improved performance and compliance. I work with executives to improve work flow and business processes, evaluate new technologies, select candidates and evaluate individual and team performance. My team and I research trending solutions and technology to stay abreast of what is working in business, training, and development. We then analyze current states and determine gaps to create solutions that are mission and goal focused and improve the bottom-line.

My greatest passion is assisting high achieving women to break through their perceptions and patterns that have kept them playing small. Beliefs that have kept them in fear of pursuing their purpose & passion, sharing their gifts, being authentic and living the life of their dreams.

One of my greatest achievements, is helping women strengthen their self-perceptions and moving past their old stories, so they can live a life of love, peace, confidence and success.” I get high on helping women move out of fear, playing small and making excuses into love, confidence, courage and success!

I know that no single approach is right for every individual. I’ve been trained in a range of coaching techniques such as: Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Coaching and as a Divine Purpose Coach. I have years of experience assisting women and men to see past their stories, lies and perceptions that have been holding them back.

I have spent over 20 years in Training and Development, and Facilitation. Honing coaching and mentoring skills along the way. A proud mother of three adult children, who have been unsuspecting clients, helping me perfect my listening skills and intuition. It has given me the superpower of being able to spot “BS” when I hear and feel it. My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from George Mason University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from The Catholic University of America.


Categories: Business and Career Coach