September 2, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Get even more business in the socially-distanced world!

The BIG Story Formula is online on the 1st Wednesday of each month

At every online hands-on workshop, we get even more business by telling even better stories.

Each time we fix one of the six reasons that we don’t tell better stories.

In a single quarter we perfect our brand stories to turn what we do into the powerful stories that define us, get atention and even get more contacts:

  • Get attention, create emotional connections, and get more leads
  • Help customers understand why they need to come to YOU when they have a challange that you solve
  • Help the right customers take more action
  • Build even more emotional connections with better story telling
  • Turn all the pieces of your brand story into a powerful marketing machine
  • Create an action plan that works

Join us Wednesday on zoom (https://zoom.us/j/241944561).

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  • 3rd Wednesdays: Turn contacts into sales easily
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“After interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs on my media channel and watching them stop, stumble, and ramble when talking about what they do, I decided that there has to be a better way..” –Eric Westreich

That’s why, for four years, business owners have been walking out of the BIG Story Formula meetup in an hour with a crystal clear understanding of the real value they provide, and the best way to talk about their value to their customers.

In an hour, you will Listen, Write, Talk, and get Feedback on your brand so that you become absolutely clear, and get comfortable telling your story to anyone, anywhere.

“A fuzzy story is a fuzzy business – Get your story right. This was a great session on clarifying your message and understanding the key elements of a pitch with an opportunity to get feedback on “your story”. Perfect for budding entrepreneurs or those well on their way with building their business.” – Greg

“Eric is brilliant and has the gift of cutting through the fat to get to the core message.” – Maria Keckler

“Amazing information!! Very helpful if you want to take your idea and create concrete steps to reach your goals.” – Daniel Alejandro Rojas

“I Love the Big Story Formula and each session not only gives you details on a new aspect but also gives you the chance to try out your own version and get feedback.” – Nancy Neigus

“Thank you Eric! Great conversation and insights :)” – Heather H.

“It is always good to meet with people committed to action.” – Wade Taylor

“Eric helped my company Cultivate to deliver a clearer branding message to future clients. I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and his guidance in brainstorming ideas. Thank you Eric.” – Allen

I attended my first session today and was blown away. Eric doesn’t throw things at you, he uses the Socratic method to lead you. He challenges you to think about your business. I’ve been a business owner for over 20 years, and will say that if you a a business owner or professional who wants to grow your business…this is an excellent workshop. Thanks Eric! — Robert Moore