Without a doubt, the world is living through a challenging moment in real-time. Now more than ever, if you’re considering business ownership, you must understand how the landscape is changing in this critical time. Please join FranNet for this free, 1-hour live informational webinar.

While no sector of the U.S. economy has remained untouched by the pending COVID-19 crisis, a recent survey conducted by a major franchise trade group, Franchise Insights’, revealed some surprising results on franchisee activity in the near term, and amidst this challenging backdrop.

Over 54% think that “now is a good time” to start a business. 59% of respondents expect to start a business within the next three months, and another 17% within four-to-six months
The majority of respondents (39%) believe that business conditions will improve in three months, while only 24.3% expect them to worsen
Only 18% of the respondents indicated plans to put their business startup search on hold
This insightful and encouraging webinar will provide you with many franchise options to consider for bringing your dream of business ownership to life.