NEW WAYS & MEANS: Patterns & Trends of Sustainability & Opportunity for Women & Minority-Owned Firms in a Post-Pandemic Economy.
About this Event
Business Solutions Competitive Advantage Working Lunch Symposium

The Business Solutions Consortium (BSC) is a mastermind of innovative thought leaders committed to facilitating growth and sustainability for small to mid-tier women and minority-owned companies. We utilize our collective resources as our primary method of supporting the overall progression, resilience and sustainability of historically disadvantaged populations and underutilized business zones to achieve long-term asset-based socio-economic development.

1. Introductions (Laquetta Peters, The Handprint Group/ The Grant Chic)

2. BSC Overview (Mildred Hooks, People Optimum)

3. New Ways & Means: Patterns & Trends of Opportunity in the Post Pandemic Economy (Dr. Keera Godfrey, Naris Communications)

4. Small Business Support Systems – A Competitive Advantage in Harsh Economic Environments (Donna Ennis, Director- Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) & Advanced Manufacturing Center at Georgia Tech)

5. Strategic Partnerships & Collaboration Strategies = Resilience, Growth & Sustainability. (Renzie Richardson, BHFL Group)

6. Corporate Perks Café #1B (Win a Free Lunch or Dinner) (Victoria Chopra, JD – ENI NEXGEN EAP Total Wellbeing)

7. Corporate Perks Lottery #2B (Win Free Business Tools & Resources) (Beth Fincher, Fincher Agency Corporate Benefits)

8. Sidebar One-On-One Business Solutions Meetings (Charles James, SouthStar Capital)

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