The education and preparation for the next generation of our society will always be an important matter of discussion for every family. And this franchise business model is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to carve out one of the most capable niches in the entire industry—which currently amounts to approximately $47 billion each year.

Ready for a closer look?

This franchise concept is built upon an industry that is prevalent in every society—but this business model is the first to privatize the undertaking. In addition, the founders designed the business model to provide several key differentiators among competitors in the marketplace.

Just how special is this franchise opportunity? Let’s look at the FranNet Fast Five:

  1. Recession-resistant business model
  2. The concept is popular among discerning parents
  3. Provides a uniquely positioned service in your own community
  4. Operating hours are designed to beat the competition and still give you your weekends
  5. A true plug and play opportunity

This franchise business model requires no heavy staffing and—at its core—includes a wide-ranging target market. It’s perfectly suited for individuals who want to make a difference for the next generation of the communities in which its owners work, live and play.

FranNet can help introduce you to what may turn out to be your true ticket to entrepreneurship. If you’ve been dreaming of becoming your own boss, this may be your chance to own a rewarding business. Give us just one hour of your time and we’ll make sure that every minute counts.