Listen to Tom Rand present the ideas contained in his new book The Case for Climate Capitalism: Economic Solutions for a Planet in Crisis

About this Event

COVID-19 UPDATE: From Physical to Virtual

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not possible for Tom to speak to a room full of people – as important as his message might be! However, working closely with Tom, we plan to simulate a live event online. It will be like a webcast, but better – with more dynamic camera work, sound and improved interactivity to capture the spirit of a live talk. Tom will be giving this talk to an empty room, but given his passion for a low-carbon economy, you’ll feel he’s speaking directly at you. It also allows us to reach more people beyond the Toronto area. Think Canada-wide. Think global!

Closer to the date, we will send you all a link to access the talk. And please note that while the April 15 date remains the same, we have changed the time to 12:30pm.

The Case for Climate Capitalism

A warming climate and a general distrust of Wall Street has opened a new cultural divide among those who otherwise agree we must mitigate climate risk: anti-market critics such as Naomi Klein target capitalism itself as a root cause of climate change while climate-savvy business leaders believe we can largely continue with business as usual by tinkering around the edges of our economic system. Rand argues both that sides in this emerging cultural war are ill-equipped to provide solutions to the climate crisis, and each is remarkably naïve in their view of capitalism. On one hand, we cannot possibly transition off fossil fuels without the financial might and entrepreneurial talent market forces alone can unlock. On the other, without radical changes to the way markets operate, capitalism will take us right off the climate cliff.

Rejecting the old Left/Right ideologies, Rand develops a more pragmatic view capable of delivering practical solutions to this critical problem. A renewed capitalism harnessed to the task is the only way we might replace fossil fuels fast enough to mitigate severe climate risk. If we leave our dogma at the door, Rand argues, we might just build an economy that survives the century.