Come join us in an intimate business gathering. We meet to collaborate Online Event! Please download if you haven’t already done so. The free version will work just fine.*

Join us monthly on the first Tuesday at 1:00 PM Eastern as we connect online to network and support each other. You’ll see the event link once you RSVP. The password for this month’s event is 023105.

Enjoy getting to know your small business neighbors! At each virtual gathering we share our questions and knowledge of the unique small business/entrepreneur world. Our goal is to strengthen the connections and relationships that help us grow our businesses.

What to Expect: A friendly gathering of business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of fostering meaningful relationships through authentic communication. Each time we’ll discuss a different topic.

What to Bring: Curiosity and a Smile!

What to Prepare: A brief introduction of who you are and how you serve others through your work.

We’re meeting on the Zoom platform. The meeting ID will be visible to you once you register.