The ability to earn an income is often a person’s most valuable asset. Join Stephanie Gumm, a Financial Advisor with MassMutual-Captial District, for a presentation on the the risks we all face today.  The discussion includes an an overview of the limitations of various options available including your employer provided group-long term disability. Supplemental DI is shown as potential solution to help fill the DI Gap. At the end of the presentation, you should have clear understanding of the risks to your income, as well as what options are available.

Stephanie Gumm is a Financial Advisor with MassMutual-Capitol District in the Tyson’s area. She is a leader at her firm and 60% of her practice is working with small to medium size business owners and 40% with individuals and families. She is a specialist in retirement income planning and strategic financial and visionary planning for the business owner. She believes that the “greatest moments in life are when you have done things for others.”  It is her mission to meet and serve as many business owners, strong independent women and families as she can.