Reston Referral Network (RRN), of Business Networking International. We meet every Thursday (except holidays) at the upscale Italian restaurant, Il Fornaio, in the Reston Town center (11990 Market St #106, Reston, VA 20190. How can we help you? Why Business Networking International (BNI)? BNI works. BNI makes us money and the Reston Referral Network is one of the most successful income generators in the region on a per member basis.

BNI provides a framework of rules and concepts which, when followed, results in dramatic return on your monetary and temporal investment. When you become a member of the Reston Referral Network, you instantly expand your reach and enhance the quality of your selling power. You educate your chapter – dealing in specifics! – on precisely what makes a good referral for you. Then you educate yourself on what your partners, other Reston Referral Network members, are looking for … and together, you all make it happen. You give and you get: That’s BNI’s golden rule. With all of its compounded circles and intertwined networks, BNI is like a Venn diagram – and YOU are right where profit meets success. In BNI, you get what you ask for, and if you’re asking for more business, you’ve come to the right place.